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April 4, 2017 – At Italtel we deal with complex solutions – highly complex solutions. The devices that make up our solutions perform tasks that require advanced operating skills in order to yield the finest results. The number of Italtel technicians certified for the different technologies we adopt unmistakably proves our expertise/need; but to make these solutions accessible to less experienced administrators, we simplified their management interface.

The challenge was not to force humans to learn the language of machines, but to teach machines to speak the language of humans.

We taught Netwrapper to use human language through a chatBOT – an Artificial Intelligence software that simulates a conversation between robots and human beings.

We then gave Netwrapper the ability to access a social tool: SPARK, a social collaboration platform (created by Cisco) which can also be used by all the peoples who are interested in managing the service for various purposes.

If you want to understand what Netwrapper can do in greater detail, you can refer to the brochure and product description. To sum it up, however, I can tell you that Netwrapper bridges the gap between applications needs and network resources availability.

Believe it or not, as far as such aspects are concerned, these two worlds – network and applications – are now completely detached and in almost all cases they know anything about one another.

Hence the importance of Netwrapper: by making mutual awareness between network and services, it enables an amazing array of use cases which would not otherwise be available today.

To do this in a simple and natural way, we have equipped Netwrapper with a +Social chatBOT through which you can ask for information, obtain answers and questions, and control actions.

All this with a messaging service that uses human language – English for now, but the kid is learning and maybe he will soon surprise us with other languages.

In the process, we also realized that simplifying is important not only for our customers but also for us.

The solution allows us to implement – in a much faster and simpler way, and without any errors – many of the activities required to operate the various services.

In short, a first step towards automation to support the most complex activities of our job.

Netwrapper is just the first example of how this technology can be applied.

The ability to simplify the management of our solutions, both for users and ourselves, will surely find other areas of application.

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