Products End of Life policy

Italtel takes care of customers during the overall Product Lifecycle, and promptly answers to market demands in terms of technology innovation. In this path Italtel is near to the customer and helps him to choose the best way to improve its network. Therefore, a significant phase of the Product Lifecycle is the final phase. For this reason Italtel defined a Product End Of Life Policy.

The Policy provides an End Of Life Notice containing the following dates.

End of sale
After this date the affected product is no longer for sale. This is also the last date to order the product. The end of sale date is placed 12 months after the End of life Notice date.
End of Support (EOS)
After this date all support services are unavailable for the affected product. The end of support date is placed 5 years after the end of sale date. After the end of support date the product becomes obsolete.
These time spans could be reduced because of technological constraint

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