Service Provider Network Transformation


Nowadays, some traditional services (voice & messaging) are progressively offered almost for free by OTT and consequently margins of the Service Providers are decreasing steadily. In addition competition among Service Providers continues being aggressive generating a constant decrease of prices to the end user.

For these reasons, Telecom Market is facing many complex and strategic transformations to manage networks and services at lower costs. To reach this goal, Service Providers need to:

  • simplify networks and get strong automation of deployment processes
  • simplify and standardize hardware and software platforms whereas applications run

The technological evolution of servers and storage systems encourages the abandonment of embedded systems and the adoption of the NFV technology that extends Cloud Computing from IT context to Telco.

At the same time, for improving the infrastructure cost saving, operators tend to reduce the manpower to manage the networks not only increasing outsourcing but also designing new networks with automated services configuration and management, leveraging new technologies based on Self Organizing Network (SON) and Software Defined Network (SDN).

The massive advent of Next Generation mobile and fixed accesses (LTE and FTTx), where multimedia services are full-IP native, and the ongoing decommissioning processes are the enablers for the deployment of All IP Multimedia Communication solutions.


In this scenario, Italtel offers its own NFV & All IP Multimedia proposal: a complete framework which enables network evolution of mobile and fixed operators, for both business and residential customers. The same solution addresses also carrier contexts enabling IP NNI for Interconnection and Roaming.

Where applicable, Italtel solution allows the evolution of real-time services from legacy circuit-switched networks to packet–based networks while continuing to provide the subscribers with the traditional service quality and a powerful set of new features. The migration towards new network scenarios is smooth and support a full set of features for legacy TDM interconnections.

According to an NFV model, the solution is completely virtualized over the most common hypervisors and it has been designed to be managed by any third party orchestrator.

NFV & All IP Multimedia is the proper answer for Mobile Operators which are investing on VoLTE acceleration as well as MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) willing to have a full control on the service layer at competitive price.

Thanks to Italtel’s solution, Service Providers are enabled to provide SIP Business trunking and Virtual Enterprise Mobility features, that help to push the Unified Communication and Collaboration services (Audio, Video and Contents) in Mobility and over Cloud environments.


The NFV & All IP Multimedia is a fully 3GPP standard compliant solution, that addresses the market of Voice and Video networks transformation.

It has been built exploiting the Italtel IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core enhanced with the new functionalities for the VoLTE (Voice over LTE), ViLTE (Video over LTE) and VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi), enabling the convergence of multiple access networks and the interconnection with other carrier’s networks based on different technologies.

The same services can be competitively offered also by Full MVNOs thanks to Italtel in-a-box solution that includes IMS and EPC (Evolved Packet Core) architectures in a unique virtualized and scalable platform.
Italtel NFV & All IP Multimedia solution provides relevant features such as high definition (HD) voice bundled with Presence, IM/Chatting, Video Communication and Web Real Time Communication, improving the user experience making it more similar to the OTT offer but with a higher level of reliability and quality. Finally including WebRTC, it can open web- communication to legacy VOIP, definitively untie their services from physical devices.

The solution, integrated with the Cisco Unified Communication platforms, offers a very flexible infrastructure, full interoperable, on one side with the Legacy VoIP (IMS/NGN) on the other with multiple other frameworks for multimedia and content sharing (Enterprises).

The solution offers a couple of possibilities to deploy UC&C services for Business Customers of Service Providers: the former based on IP-PBX (or the traditional PBX with SIP GW) the latter integrating some enterprise voice supplementary services addressable to 4G/VoLTE handsets without requiring user to install any application.

All the products (Italtel, Cisco and third parties) in the NFV & All IP Multimedia solution are natively virtual network functions, that make up the VNF domain of the ETSI NFV reference framework. VNF managers for Italtel and Cisco components are available. Thanks to its NFV readiness, the solution is able to be integrated with any kind of customer preferred Orchestrator.

Italtel provides also end-to-end Migration Services in multi-vendor context, leveraging a proven international expertise.

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