Imagine the place where the person, the family and the society should live. The place of Quality of Life:

  • of Citizens Inclusion and participation in local and global
  • of Employment Opportunities and investment attraction capacity both national and international
  • of Environmental Sustainability in mobility, energy needs and waste management
  • of Elderly care and patient care with particular focus on prevention with territorial capillarity and centralized and accessible specialization
  • Public and Workplace Safety, in squares, houses, of cultural, historical and artistic heritage
  • Youth Policy: education and extensive training for young and not so young
Because of everything revolves around individuals, in this context a load-bearing axis is the ability to bring innovation as “evolution” and not as “revolution”. Italtel provides to the Public Administration solid competences in integration and interoperability of new and existing systems in multi-vendor and multi-service context, expertise in the selection and customization of solutions, ability in research and development.
An highly differentiating factor is the availability of  prototyping environments (test-plant) for testing phases that make reliable and controlled the insertion of the developed solution in the architecture delivering people services.This last point has a very significant weight in such Public Administration “mission critical” contexts in which the continuity and availability of services, data privacy and security of individuals must be protected to the greatest degree.

Italtel works as:

  • ICT Solutions Provider & System Integrator, on the main technologies of IT and Telecommunication networkse dell’IT
  • Advanced Professional Services Provider, offering services that include engineering and testing, consulting and assessment, managed network services, IT system integration and Operational Support Systems solutions
  • Innovative Product Vendor with proprietary products used to manage interoperability of networks and services and communication via web


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