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The need to retain customers and reduce churn rate without recurring to a mere price competition has led many Telco Operators to evolve from the concept of Quality of Service (QoS) to the wider idea of Quality of Experience (QoE), where the key factor is not the measured value of network performances parameters, but the perception that customers have of the provided service.

For this reason, QoE improvements should be achieved not only optimizing QoS measurable parameters, but also leveraging the evolution of Monitoring activities, carried out as near as possible to end customer’s premises. Only this kind of mindset can lead from the simple measurement of Key Performance Indicators to the real evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Service Providers need cost-effective tools enabling the possibility to evaluate QoE to the best possible extent, without having a disruptive effect on live traffic.


Performing a good appraisal of QoE level, Service Providers can anticipate potentially critical conditions and take the relevant measures to improve customers retention, without lowering prices, thus saving Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

A distributed, flexible and automated monitoring and testing system prevents engineers from repetitive, manual tasks and poor added-value activities, resulting in improved processes and OpEx reduction.

Italtel has developed a vertical tool, named i-QAC (Italtel Quality Assurance Center), that helps Service Providers to measure customer experience. Proactively stimulating the network, i-QAC acquires information about the status and level of perceived service quality.

i-QAC is easy-to-use and scalable. It easily adapts to the characteristics of the tested infrastructure, in terms of network insertion simplicity and scalability.


Italtel i-QAC makes use of Active Intelligent Agents cooperating with each other and stimulating the network from its edge, in order to extract information about network health and QoE level. Agents can be connected to various fixed and mobile access networks, by means of dedicated gateways. The traffic simulations foster a proactive approach to the detection of service degradation, thus reducing the chances of service disruption.

i-QAC platform can monitor several different types of service (voice, fax, video, web surfing, etc.). Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Quality Indicators (KQI) are calculated according to standards (ITU and IETF).

i-QAC provides easy and quick access to measured data and statistical analyses by means of built-in and configurable queries, graphics and reports. The integration with Network and Service Assurance Systems can be implemented, in order to increase visibility and prevent service degradation.


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