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Unified Communication has been one of the major themes of the last decade, with the widespread availability of fixed and mobile broadband access and the growing need for voice and data services convergence in particular for Enterprise customers.
There were several level approaches to face this issue, from sharing a common transmission technology up to merge application capabilities on a service platform. These matters involved an ICT evolution often based on custom/not-standard technology with relevant infrastructure costs.
Today WebRTC has come, a new open-source web based technology that combines the internet world wide coverage with a simple and powerful implementation.


WebRTC breaks down the barriers of complexity so far known in fulfillment of UC services, bringing to the fore the web real time communication concept, on the gravity wave of Internet massive numbers in TLC market.
WebRTC enables audio, video and data services through the implementation of open-source APIs and javascripts, putting browsers at the center of the scene.
Embrace represents the Italtel WebRTC solution, a fully-featured WebRTC-enabled platform with advanced capabilities that implements unified communication services in a client-less solution.

It can be integrated in an already deployed ICT infrastructure and customized to cover specific needs. Furthermore Embrace, as its own name suggests, introduces the web convergence concept in real time communication and becomes the heart of the Multi-Technology Conference environment.


Embrace is a software-only and cloud-ready Web Application Server that could be used to enable WebRTC services in a TLC network or as a standalone WebRTC solution integrated in an ICT infrastructure.

The most relevant features are:

  • Audio and Video call, Audio and Video conference up to 5 participants (MCU-less with Multi-Point streams)
  • IM, Desktop Sharing, File Sharing
  • Active Directory integration
  • Supported codecs: g.711, g.729, OPUS, VP8, VP9, H.264 AVC/SVC
  • Supported protocols: SIP over web socket, SRTP/DTLS, HTTPS
  • STUN, TURN, ICE capabilities
  • Multi-technology Conference Application
  • WebRTC GW support for IMS/LTE and PSTN/PLMN interoperability
  • Deployment and Management: Cloud deployment support, Docker deployment support, Licensing, O&M back-end GUI, HA platform
  • Standards compliance: IETF, 3GPP and ETSI compliances

Embrace WebAS has been designed in order to address verticals belonging to completely different domains.

The most important solutions are:

  • Embrace Webinar solution, with tutor and co-tutor that can schedule webinar sessions and once confirmation is received, can send it to all outlook contacts. The tutor can then start his presentation broadcasting audio and video enabling content sharing (file sharing, desktop sharing). Attendees can interact using Instant Messaging. Embrace Webinar allows many participants (hundreds of people) attend the presentation.
    The most significant use cases can be: Digital Marketing, Live product launch, Internal adoption for training or Broadcast communication.

  • Embrace your student solution, designed to address e-learning market. The openness of the Web AS platform allowed an easy integration with Moodle, a 3rd party open platform specialized in e-learning contents. Integration enabled HD Audio and Video interaction with classroom. The result of this integration is a powerful tool for MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).
    The most important Use Cases are:
     Virtual Classroom
     Job training
     Tutoring

  • Embrace UC&C solution, offering a set of WebRTC services during audio and video calls. The services can be either provided exposing APIs for development or offering GUI on Embrace WebAS portal.
    The main services provided are:
     Audio and video call
     Conference (with and w/o SFU)
     Instant messaging
     Desktop sharing, file sharing
     Click-to-invite
     Room management
     Audio, video recording

  • DoctorLINK platform, the Italtel e-health solution that combines bio-data, contextual communication and Health IT infrastructure integration.

Italtel Embrace WebAS is:



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