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The industrial evolution is leading to digitalization processes and to introduction of new technologies, changing the way information flows are accessed, while increasing the exposure of infrastructures. Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking and Smart technologies allow a level of connectivity among people, information, systems and assets never seen before, but at the same time create new business challenges for today’s organizationst.

Modern cyber criminals increased the sophistication frequency and scale of attacks, enhancing their ability to compromise systems, evading detection technologies and focusing on service interruption and destruction, or generating revenues from data leakage and cyber extortion.

An effective Cyber Security strategy has to guarantee a comprehensive protection, to correctly enforce corporate policies and act efficienty agaist newer security threats.

As a first step in the definition of a Cyber Security strategy is fundamental to put in place processes that achieve consciousness of the inherent insecurity of the technologies, determining what to protect (people, assets and information) from who (cyber criminals, employees, etc.) where and from what (extortion, data leakage, denial of services, social reputation, etc.) and identify the right countermeasures to reduce risk exposure.


Many organizations overhaul their existing security architecture with the latest innovation that just fill a known gap; this unwary approach fails to pay in the medium-long term, increases overall TCO, enhances operational costs, introducing complexity in the architecture, and directly impacts the operating efficiency of the security teams in daily management activities or in the worst moment: during a security incident. Moreover this approach is not sustainable for an organization that need to evolve with the changing of the threat landscape.

Governments, Enterprises and Service Providers, embracing a proper Cyber Security strategy for their organizations, reduce risks, protecting information and infrastructure; enhance data visibility on the infrastructures, accelerate detetion and reaction to known and new cyber security attacks.

Cyber Security can also offer the possibility for the Service Providers to enrich the service catalogue towards their customers: new value added services can be defined, maximizing the customer retention. On the other side, Service Providers’ customers, through the offering of subscription or volume based security services, can reduce CapEx expenditures and simplify their Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) management costs.


Italtel enables organizations to identify, develop and implement a cyber security solution, based on strategic partner ecosystem such as Cisco Systems, Sourcefire, OpenDNS, Infoblox, F5, Radware.

Secure Data Center Solutions, leveraging the introduction of SDN programmable fabric, permit to obtain a consistent protection of any workload across the entire attack continuum. Easily segment user access to the resources, boost application visibility & control allowing security intelligence on thread detection, retrospective analysis and remediation. Through an hardened and secure orchestration platform enables dynamic control with a pervasive policy-driven approach, allowing automatic provisioning on security services, rapidly enforcing and decommissioning policies.

Enterprise Protection provides a unified (wired, wireless and remote) access control solution with granular and consistent policies for employees and guests logging to the corporate network, from remote and home office; safeguards core network services like DNS and DHCP; through network segmentation and content security it is possibile to contain malware spreading and quarantine infected users, providing powerful security intelligence on thread detection, retrospective analysis and remediation.

To minimize the risks, it is now necessary to work with tools and solutions that do not come into operation when an attack has already occurred but that they gather information daily to prevent it. In particular, Italtel proposes Cisco Ransomware Defense. Cisco Ransomware Defense provides customers with effective security, with advanced threat protection, quick detection and rapid containment to reduce the impact of a ransomware attack.

DDOS Protection solutions address the increasing DDOS threats enabling volumetric and application attack detection and mitigation against Service Providers backbone, Mobility Edge and  Enterprise Data Center connectivity.

Italtel provides high quality professional services from security advisory, application & network security engineering to security testing and assessment services (infrastructure optimization, vulnerability, penetration tests). Security Intelligence Operations (early warning, real time monitoring, asset management and incident handling)  are served through our ISO/IEC  27001 certified, Cyber Security Operation Center (24x7x365) located in Italy.

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