Italian pasta master Group Rummo becomes first to install Italtel Embrace WebRTC product

Tradition meets innovation as fifth largest producer of pasta in Italy selects Italtel to build integrated collaboration platform. Italian pasta master Group Rummo has selected leading telecommunications company Italtel to supply and install a new integrated business communications platform, based on the solution Collaboration At Work 2.0.

Founded in Benevento in 1846 and supplying its products to more than 45 countries, Rummo’s exports account for 30 percent of total sales. While proud of its long history and tradition, it is also looking to the future by increasing its ability to interact both internally and outside of the company.

Through Italtel’s Collaboration At Work 2.0 solution, communication and collaboration mobility is enabled for staff, ensuring a unified and ergonomic user experience. It also incorporates Voice over IP, allowing reliable and integrated communication between fixed and mobile devices, such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

At the core of the solution, based on Italtel NetMatch SBC, is Italtel Embrace, a platform for WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) with enhanced functionality. It is able to deliver unified communications services, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging and desktop sharing, with the only requirement being the most common web browser.

“The evolution of telecommunications systems has changed over time and now has an increasingly important role in ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving operational results,”  said Cosimo Rummo, President and Group CEO of Rummo.“By selecting Italtel we have chosen a platform best suited to meet our needs of making communication more rapid, efficient and cost effective while considerably reducing staff travel as they will need to move from their working environment less. In addition, Italtel shares some of our own important values; it is a historic Italian brand and a leader in its sector at an international level.”

The platform installed by Italtel also facilitates audio and video conferencing, with screen sharing, messaging among colleagues connected to the system and file sharing, including documents, orders and invoices. More effective logistics management, ‘smart logistics’, through constant communication with factories and overseas offices is also achieved.

Rummo’s costs will also be reduced through space saving and lower power consumption which is achieved through the rationalization and consolidation of certain features.

“The solution Italtel Collaboration at Work 2.0 enables a new way of working that makes collaboration within and outside the company easier,” said Maurizio Tondi, market development EMEA at Italtel. “We are flattered that our technology has been selected to evolve the communications infrastructure at Rummo, one of the most excellent Italian companies in its field. We are proud to put our expertise and our know-how at the service of the Group Rummo , which remains faithful to its roots but at the same time cutting-edge. This installation shows that the technology enabled by Embrace is an essential tool for companies that believe in innovation.”

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