NFV in Latin America: the promise and the pitfalls

Italtel Vice President, Head of International Markets

NFV is an industry answer that enables carriers to become more efficient, flexible and speedy.

Guido Candiani – Vice-president and responsible for TI Group, Telefonica Group and the whole Latin America Region at Italtel – explains Network Function Virtualization (NFV) challenges existing between where the technologies are today and widespread adoption with a special focus on Latin America’s context.

With so much progress, the future of NFV certainly seems to be headed towards pervasive adoption. Again, a crucial factor remains on a single point: standardization. While attempts are being made – for example, by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) – achieving this could take much more time than carriers can wait. Furthermore, in Latin America, the same level of collaboration does not currently exist, with many businesses calling in European vendors to compensate for the lack of home vendors that offer NFV solutions. Such challenges, however, often breed innovation, and this is especially true in Latin America.

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Guido Candiani
Italtel Vice President, Head of International Markets Responsible for TI Group, Telefonica Group and the whole Latin America Region. Starting his career in 1989 at Aerovironment (USA, California) and having spent the following 2 years in Telettra Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of the Fiat Group’s telecommunication manufacturer company, Mr Candiani joined Italtel in 1991 and covered various roles of growing responsibility in the product and marketing management. Born in Genova in 1965, married with three children, Guido obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico of Milan in 1989 and followed the YTMP Executive program at INSEAD.
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