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Head of Contextual Communication

November 29, 2016 – The growing concern with wellness and personal care are key aspects of modern life.

Digital innovation can be a strategic tool to address the major challenges of a healthcare system in tune with the needs and expectations of citizens. Digital services can:

1improve satisfaction levels and the relationship with the patient
2streamline communication and access to healthcare information and resources
3increase the efficiency and quality of procedures.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), network-connected medical devices can help maintain physical fitness, track the results of medical therapies and improve the quality of life in general, while paying the necessary attention to privacy and security.

The digitization of healthcare creates considerable benefits, but at the same time increases the exposure boundary to cyber-attacks on infrastructures.

Service interruptions, data and identity theft, cyber extortion are some of the new risks that the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers) are facing more and more often, and in more complex scenarios.

For this reason it is important to adopt a Cyber Security strategy that can implement both corporate security policies and effective protection against new threats.

Italtel pays great attention to the technologies applied to patient security. Italtel works alongside companies, government and telco operators to identify, develop and implement Cyber Security solutions, adapted to each specific need. Strong partnerships with leading vendors of the landscape of security (e.g. Cisco Systems, Arbor Networks, Infoblox, F5 and Radware) and valuable experience confirmed by successful projects, offer customers high quality and reliability guarantees.

The Italtel approach is oriented to the implementation of innovative solutions – including niche – that can, ultimately, be replicated on all the healthcare ecosystem structures.

These solutions are built with special care for the security of networks and information, thank to Encryption, Unique UserID and strong passwords, Role based access control, Managed Firewall, Antivirus/Malware, Proactive Monitoring…

In this context, Italtel has developed DoctorLINK, that allows continuous contact with the patient and control over the medical situation through communication systems based on text, voice and video, images and clinical data safely and with respect for patient privacy.

Read more about DoctorLINK.

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Stefano Livraghi
I have been working in Italtel since 1994 and I started working as a testing engineer for GSM network. During my first ten years I learned testing strategies, technical documentation writing as well as migration procedures and network evolution process. I moved after, managing testing team focused on customers’ acceptance activities mainly related to SIP IP-PBXs multivendor environment and pre IMS architecture, improving my knowledge and skills in customer’s validation process. I worked 4 years as Techcnical marketing engineer close to sales department providing support for business development activities. Currently responsible of a team with in charge design, development and technical presales for products based on WebRTC technology mainly focused on e-health market.
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