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Senior Technical Marketing Engineer – Collaboration

December 13, 2016 – Italtel is earning a reference reputation for Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions at European level, both among service providers and directly with end customers.

Italtel has been dealing with this kind of solutions since the birth of this type of products; this also thanks to the special relationship with Cisco, which was among the first in the world to launch an IP-PBX in the early years of the past decade. Italtel has recently gained the Cisco Cloud Builder HCS certification, as the first system integrator in the world. This certification enables Italtel to a role that was the exclusive preserve of Cisco professional services.

As Cisco HCS Cloud Builder, Italtel is authorized to set up the entire solution in the Data Center of the service provider, and not only to take care of “on-boarding” the customer on an already operational solution. It is a complex role, that requires knowledge at the highest level, concerning the security, virtualized infrastructure, networking, management of coexistence of many companies in the same infrastructure, essential in the context of Data Centers.

Italtel is an ideal candidate for this role, thanks to the long experience gained over the years: Italtel can indeed boast a wide range of important references within UC&C solutions in its multiple deployment models.

Italtel has undertaken an intensive training and certification course for its engineers, in a direct relationship with Cisco R&D, so to become an active player in “early field trial” of the new versions of Cisco products/solutions in its laboratories.

In some cases, Italtel has been able to grasp the potential of Cisco products – first and exclusively – realizing innovative solutions for its customers.

For almost 15 years now, a group of highly experienced technicians has been dealing with this topic. This makes Italtel so fast in addressing the problems and expert in deciding the paths to be taken. Few System Integrators can boast the expertise that Italtel has: an “end to end” expertise.

Italtel has thus also developed excellent skills in Adoption Consultancy: i.e. in helping the client to fully understand the benefits available with the adopted technology.

The ability to recreate the customer environment at its test plant is a further distinguishing factor in respect to other system integrators. In addition to this, Italtel has the ability to manage the entire infrastructure lifecycle (solution lifecycle), the delivery method and the professional services at the highest level. Thanks to all of this, it is able to realize the most complex trouble-free migration paths.

The last frontier of UC&C solutions are hybrid solutions. Thanks to its knowledge of “on-premises”, “managed”, “hosted” and “cloud” solutions, Italtel is able to advise clients in defining the best functional mix of provided services as well as to ensure their proper operation.

Recently, Italtel has received the Award for Innovation in UC&C technology by TMT News magazine.


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Giorgio Costantini
Just graduated in electrical engineering, in 1980 I joined the laboratory of Research and Development at Honeywell Information System in Pregnana Milanese Italy, where for seven years I worked on the design of the digital control of two sets of impact printers. An experience cutting-edge whereas in those years, from 1980 to 1987, it was one of the first experiences in Europe of solutions using multiprocessor system with a real-time operating systems. After Honeywell group I went in Magneti Marelli, where I continued to care for almost two years, the design of microprocessor-based systems this time for the computer control of a IVECO’s bus urban vehicle. In June 1988 landing in Italtel Telematics in tlc sector. For about 12 years, in Italtel and Siemens, I continued taking care of HW design of data transmission equipment before, then card for PBX and PC and finally of a control board part radio network UMTS. After almost 20 years of activity related to HW design, beginning in November 2000 to take care of, always in tlc, devices and solutions. Product management, program management, solution architect and recently marketing management are the roles that I covered in the area of Voice over IP, UC&C, Enterprise Social Software in Cloud and on Premise.
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