Jonathan Rosenberg tweets about Netwrapper

The creator of the SIP protocol comments on our solution

February 22, 2017, Cisco Live Berlin – In an interesting tweet, Jonathan Rosenberg commented on the solution launched by Italtel at Cisco Live – Netwrapper‘s “human interaction“. Rosenberg is one of four authors who created the SIP protocol 21 years ago – a protocol that would revolutionize the world of telecommunications.

The Netwrapper system offers an innovative interaction mode based on the concept of social communication, i.e. the use of chat systems and of Cisco Spark in particular.

ICT managers can therefore “chat” with Netwrapper through chat-bots, artificial intelligence-based software that simulates a conversation.

“Human Interaction” allows Netwrapper to interpret requests and – if necessary – ask questions to further clarify their context, perform the determined actions and finally provide answers in the chat.

Rosenberg’s Tweet is an authoritative recognition of Italtel’s work and of the Solution Marketing and SDN Development groups who had the idea of using natural language to interact with an application such as Netwrapper in order to optimize the quality of audio and video services.

Perhaps, as Rosenberg says, we really created the CLI of tomorrow, a prime example of what the CLI apparatus will look like in the future.

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