MWC17: Stefano Pileri explains our new digital path

Stefano Pileri – Italtel CEO – explains how networks are changing and how digitization impacts all the aspect of our lives. To answer to the new market requirements, Italtel is moving to new verticals, and in particular: Health Care, Finance, Energy and Industry, in addition to the traditional vertical of Telecommunication.

Exprivia is the partner for this new path of Italtel.

In the Smart Heath segment, for example, the two partners are working to change the way Telemedicine will work in the future, ensuring more assistance at home and less costs at a central level.

Furthermore, Italtel developed an app for 5G that allows a customer to upload very heavy video, and to store it very closed to him, in the edge cloud, where it’s possible to share it with other people nearby. This app could be very useful for example during a concert.

S.Pileri also presents Italtel Netwrapper, a software that takes advantages of gathering status info of the network, analyzes this status, and commands to the network to change services priorities to allow users to maintain a high level experience when using video-streaming or video-conferencing.

Watch this video, shot during Mobile World Congress 2017.

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