Italtel joins LM+ project

Italtel joins the LM + (Laurea Magistrale Plus) project together with 40 other companies and multinationals

Last March, Paolo Crosta – Innovation & Research Manager – along with 40 other companies and multinationals, I introduced Electronic Engineering students to the internship program designed for the next academic year 2017-2018 in collaboration with TIM and the University of Pavia.

It was also a networking opportunity in which students were introduced to each partner’s core business, organizations and industrial research activities.

In fact, LM+ offers Master’s students a working experience closely integrated with their curriculum. Companies do not offer a mere internship: they invest in training programs with specific educational goals, in close and constant liaison with the faculty.

The duration of the Master’s degree was increased by one semester, but two semesters are spent in the company. The challenge is to integrate – to the highest possible level – traditional academic knowledge and corporate expertise for a significant period of time, giving students the opportunity to come into contact with different companies.

LM+ is currently available for Advanced Biotechnology, Chemistry and Philosophy courses.

Created in partnership with TIM, Italtel’s internship program will focus on optical fiber networks and new SDN-based services.

The first semester (february-july 2018) will be held at TILAB in Turin and focus on IP transport networks, while the second semester (september 2018-february 2019)will be held at our Castelletto headquarters and focus on new SDN-based applications.

All LM+ programs will be published in July. Interested students can apply for one or more of the available programs.Later on, starting in September, several committees consisting of faculty members and company representatives will select the most suitable candidates. Internships are scheduled to start in February 2018.

LM+ is an unprecedented initiative in Italy. As a matter of fact, this approach has been successfully tested in North America (especially in Canada).

Italtel has joined the LM+ project as part of the Open Innovation plan launched by the company last year. It is increasingly important to consolidate and intensify our partnerships with universities, research centers, start-ups and spin-offs, in order to improve our research and innovation skills, therefore strengthening our ability to evolve as a company in the constantly mutating field of Information and Communication Technologies.

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