Final review of T-NOVA project

 Paolo Comi – Research & Innovation Manager

April 18, 2017 – Italtel participated to the final review of the European research project T-NOVA “Network Functions as-a-Service over Virtualised Infrastructures”, co-funded by the European Commission in the context of the 7th Framework Program. The final review took place in Athens, on March 17th, 2017.

With the aim of promoting the NFV concept, T-NOVA introduced a new “NFV Marketplace”, in which network services and functions by several developers can be published and brokered/traded. Customers can browse the Marketplace for selecting services and virtual appliances, which best match their needs, as well as negotiating the associated SLAs and being charged under various billing models.

In addition, T-NOVA designed and implemented a virtualised infrastructure management and orchestration platform exploiting various methods for hardware and software acceleration including GPU, FPGA and DPDK, SR-IOV.

T-NOVA submitted several contributions to ETSI and other standardization bodies.

Italtel led the “Network Functions” work-package where seven different VNFs were developed exploiting diverse aspects of the NFV concept. Italtel contributed also to the definition of the overall architecture, the VNF lifecycle and VNF description, the VNF’s service mapping algorithms over the virtualized infrastructure. Finally, Italtel coordinated the standardization activities of the project and contributed to the definition of T-NOVA business model.

In terms of developments, the main Italtel outcomes have been a new VNF Function Store and two innovative virtual network functions, named vSBC and vTU.

vSBC is a new prototype of a Session Border Controller for research activities of automatic scaling in response to traffic conditions (see the vSBC developers team in the picture in the right); vTU is a Video Transcoding Unit exploiting hardware acceleration provided by GPU.

Italtel team was composed by Giuseppe Monteleone, Marco Beccari, Matteo Piredda, Maurizio Arnaboldi, Paolo Pieroni, Pietro Paglierani, Vincenzo Mascolo, Enzo Figini and Paolo Comi.

Watch the video of vSBC scaling demo presented by Italtel at the final review held in Athens.

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