Italtel presents ASAP in San Francisco

Italtel will participate at next HCS/Spark Business & Technical Bootcamp in San Francisco (Monday, April 24, 2017 – Friday, April 28, 2017).

The first part of the Bootcamp focuses on Cisco Cloud Collaboration Vision, Strategy and Roadmap for HCS and Spark Hybrid. The second part of the Bootcamp focuses on hands-on labs.

During this bootcamp, which mainly addresses Cisco Partners and Service Providers, Italtel will present its new development – a tool called ASAP- Automatic Sharing Architecture Provisioning – that event participants will be able to use during HCS Shared Architecture workshops.

The Cisco HCS shared architecture solution, of which ASAP becomes an important element, allows to extend the Cisco HCS offer to the small business market.

Sharing the same UC&C infrastructure among different companies, which is the main feature of Shared Architecture, allows customers to significantly optimize costs.

Italtel with ASAP, the provisioning automation tool of all the elements that make up the solution, allows further cost optimization by greatly reducing the activation and management times of the service.

Finally, ASAP, with an API-centered approach, can easily implement various service activation and management workflows that best meet the needs of different Service Providers.

In addition to the hands-on lab, on April 25, a 30-minute session will also be scheduled during which Italtel will be presented both as a partner HCS Cloud Builder and as an Eco-system partner. To date, more than 100 people are present at the event, representing major North American service providers.

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