Italtel and Exprivia at Palazzo Chigi

The ITALTEL-EXPRIVIA integration project introduced to the Premier Mr Gentiloni

In a meeting that took place at Palazzo Chigi, Exprivia, Italtel and Cisco CEOs underlined the economic and social value of the new group Exprivia-Italtel that, based on the convergence of IT and TLC, aims to increase turnover, research and employment in a strategic sector for the entire Sistema Italia.

Rome December, 11 2017.  The chairman and CEO of Exprivia, a company listed at the STAR segment of  Borsa Italiana [XPR.MI], Domenico Favuzzi, and the CEO of Italtel, Stefano Pileri and the CEO of Cisco Italia, Agostino Santoni, were received at Palazzo Chigi by the First Minister of the Italian Government Paolo Gentiloni. During the meeting they presented the strategies and objectives of the new group that will be formally created in the next few days. The president Gentiloni viewed a presentation on the economic, industrial and social motivations that  laid the foundations for the creation of a leading player in the Italian and international high-tech landscape. The new group is one of the most important industrial companies in the sector of digital technology and lays its basis on the strong need for innovation through information technology and telecommunications in all the economic sectors.

Domenico Favuzzi stated that the future integration between Exprivia and Italtel will create an industrial group with a turnover of 600 million euro, 40% of which is produced abroad, which in addition to the growth in the domestic market looks ambitiously at the international development: “The convergence of Exprivia’s information technology offer and Italtel’s expertise in telecommunications into a single entity, will produce a new entity in the Italian industrial context that, in our intentions, will play an important role in the new technologies sector and will help to move forward to the whole industrial system. We aim to invest important resources in research and development, supporting the group of about one thousand researchers who are involved in the development of new solutions in the field of digital transformation, with particular regards to  the fields of Life Sciences, Smart Cities, Industry, Economy in the Milan, Molfetta and Palermo offices”.

Italtel’s CEO, Stefano Pileri, highlighted the social and economic value of the Exprivia-Italtel integration, which allows to maintain within the new group a human capital with high skills and state-of-the-art technological knowledge: “The integration – said Pileri – creates a new group that is strongly committed to develop in international markets, where it is present in several countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.  The group will employ over 3,000 people, with a strong presence in Southern Italy and positive impacts expected on employment.  The Exprivia-Italtel industrial project supports the digital development of Italy. Italtel – added Pileri -, was the main contributor to the technological leap that in the 70s and 90s produced in Italy the first digital transformation of telecommunications. In early 2000s it developed the technology to transport voice communications over the Internet: a huge wealth of skills therefore, enriched by the skills of a younger company like Exprivia, that will continue to serve the national production system, and bring worldwide the name of Italy in the new technologies”.

Cisco Italia CEO, Agostino Santoni, confirmed support for the project: “Cisco started to support Italtel in 2000 as an industrial partner, convinced that Italtel was and is one of the most innovative companies in the telecommunications sector, known and appreciated in the main international markets. The stability of this relationship, confirmed in all these years, is now re-stated in the context of the project of aggregation with Exprivia, that Cisco is supporting, with the confirmation of the shareholding of 19%.   We look forward to working with Exprivia to bring Italtel back to the center of the Italian system. This is also an integral component of Cisco’s ongoing digitization efforts as a part of its country digitization program (named Digitaliani) “.

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