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The Data Center is the heart of the company: it contains all the applications and relevant information that determine competitiveness.

The digitalization of business requires flexible infrastructures, which are able to rapidly scale and support innovative services according to the time frames and methods imposed by the market.

However, agility must always go hand in hand with a careful analysis of efficiency.

The Data Center model we were used to assumes new shapes and sizes, continuing its evolution, driven by phenomena such as the software defined, the hyperconvergence, the Internet of Things or the automation of operations and edge computing, but it does not lose its centrality within the overall IT strategy.

Designing a Data Center today means not only thinking about how to ensure maximum reliability, safety and performance; it is also essential to think about how to achieve maximum operational and energetic efficiency.

Despite the ongoing evolution, a fundamental certainty remains intact: the crucial, ‘central’ role of the Data Center within the overall IT strategy of the companies does not change.

Therefore, whether it’s the development of an elastic IT-as-a-Service environment, the availability of an effective basis for analyzing Big Data, or moving to a cloud-ready platform, many companies in the Telco sector consider Data Centers to be a vital resource for gaining competitive advantage.

Innovative Service Providers meet the needs of the digital transformation, providing Cloud services to their customers; this is a great opportunity to create new revenue streams, thus avoiding being relegated to a simple connectivity.


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