Italtel and CNR sign framework agreement

Italy’s National Research Council CNR and italtel ENTER ICT FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT

The collaboration aims to promote new synergies in areas such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, cyber security and big data

Rome, March 19, 2018 – A new framework agreement to promote research, knowledge exchange and innovation within the Information and Communication Technologies sector has been signed by Italtel and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy’s national research council.

Covering themes like ultrabroadband networks, telemedicine, big data, energy networks, Industry 4.0, smart cities and cybersecurity, the agreement will see a number of programs and initiatives be launched.

These will mainly focus on the promotion and coordination of research projects on a national and international basis, as well as how to maximize the value of scientific knowledge and share it more widely. Experimental research infrastructures will also be jointly launched by the two organizations.

 “CNR promotes research, science, and technology knowledge sharing thanks to the team work of all the players involved at a national level and on the territory,” – said Massimo Inguscio, president of CNR. “A key role depends on the alliance between research institutions, universities and companies. This agreement with Italtel, a highly innovative enterprise of national and international scope but with Italian roots and a strategic presence in the South of Italy, will allow the development of new skills and technologies in fundamental fields and with future growth prospects. These include ultra-broadband networks, telemedicine, big data, energy networks, industry 4.0, smart cities and cybersecurity. From this collaboration will arise opportunities to promote employment, attract talent, support progress and well-being in fields in which CNR represents Italy in strategic international projects funded by the European Commission with the Horizon 2020 programs.”

“The agreement with the CNR seals Italtel’s constant commitment to research and innovation, an essential element to operating in an increasingly competitive market,” said Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel. “The collaboration between Italtel and a prestigious Research Center such as CNR will allow us to apply new technologies to our portfolio of solutions and products, strengthening our presence on national and international markets. I am confident this program will have an impact on the entire national research system both in regard to cybersecurity, where we intend to accelerate the initiatives already undertaken together on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, and on 5G, to identify the best Network Slicing technologies to enable low-latency applications such as Telemedicine, Smart Grids and remote control of robots in Industry 4.0.”

The framework agreement will run over a five-year period and the program activities guideline will be led by a committee which includes the President of CNR, Stefano Pileri, and two-members appointed by each party.

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