Cyber security in action

One example of how cyber security solutions are being used to improve the operations of a business while allowing them to add value added services, can be seen in a large financial group’s Wi-Fi network, a provider of digital payment services and infrastructures for banks, companies, institutions and public administration. It needed a more flexible access to network within their main buildings while keeping the high level of security required by their policy.

It turned to Italtel, which delivered a wi-fi coverage of buildings, 200 Cisco Access points empowered quality Wi-Fi coverage across all floors of Nexi’s buildings across six locations, together with the innovative Cisco MSE (ISE) solution for secure access. This deployment made it possible for employees to log in securely with an authentication procedure and geolocation within the building, while providing configuration settings of the Cisco MSE (ISE) solution.

Thanks’ to the efficient and fast implementation, the Wi-Fi network was operational in less than two-months since the project was initiated, providing secure access for all its employees across its offices. The financial goup’s security intelligence operations are now maintained through Italtel’s certified cyber security operation center, located in Italy.

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