Digital journey

Like every #DigitalCompany, we believe in the importance of making digital culture grow, to be more effectively on the side of our customers: as far as we have developed our path to intervene on digital awareness, on the formation of a new mentality and new behavior because “Being digitally manufactured doesn’t just mean using all-avant-garde technology, it will add the mentality to manage it.”

We therefore organized, presents Spegea, the Corporate Academy of the Exprivia group, an e-learning course, called “Digital Journey”, which provides training interventions that deepen 5 thematic areas for a total of 12 courses and 24 hours of training. The graphic realization of the storytelling was created by the technical partner Grifo Multimedia.

The path was undertaken during 2019 and developed throughout the year, involving around 960 employees, 93% of employees in Italy, and if it will end in 2020, with 100% coverage of the population of the Italian Azores.

Based on your narrative paradigm, the participant is guided by the history of the story during the metaphorical “journey” through and by the theme of Digital Transformation, is provided with a part of a very particular journey to a distant and unknown place because “Not counting only the destination, but also the journey “.

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