Argentina: a telepresence at Casa Rosada

Within the framework of the international health emergency caused by COVID 19 and given the urgency expressed by the Argentine government, Italtel quickly installed a double Telepresence Cisco MX 800 in the North Hall of the government building, the famous Casa Rosada. It is the headquarters of the executive power of the Argentine Republic and IT is a national monument. It houses the offices of the President of the Argentine Republic, Alberto Fernández. The building is located in Buenos Aires and overlooks the historic Plaza de Mayo.

Telepresence, which enables an extremely realistic immersive collaboration experience, will then be used by the Argentine President for the communications with the external world. As early as 2016, the other presidential residence, located in Olivos, has a Cisco Telepresence, always installed by Italtel. Since the beginning of the emergency, the president has worked from the Olivos residence but now, thanks to the new Telepresence station, he will be able to return to reside in the country’s first institutional headquarters.


Italtel Argentina technicians at work to install a Telepresence at Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires


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