White paper: Enabling 5G Neutral Hosts: 5GCity Architecture and Business Model

A new white paper is now available (in English) entitled “Enabling 5G Neutral Hosts: 5GCity Architecture and Business Model”, produced with the contribution of Italtel as part of the 5Gcity research project.

The white paper analyzes how the proposed solution allows to enable the infrastructure (data center, street cabinets, fiber optic networks, Wi-Fi access points, etc.) of a Smart City to adopt innovative technologies that allow integration in a 5G network based on the Neutral Host model.

The white paper is published on the project website. You can download it at the link: https://www.5gcity.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/WhitePaper_Enabling-5G-Neutral-Hosts-5GCity-Architecture-and-Business-Model-v1.0.pdf

In the context of technological innovation and analysis of new business models related to the development of 5G networks, the H2020 5GCity project (GA no 761508) developed an architecture and a business model based on the concept of the “Neutral Host”.

Italtel actively participated in all the definition, development and test phases of the solutions proposed by the 5GCity project, concentrating mainly on the activities carried out in the city of Lucca.

More details on the architecture design, on the implementation of the platform and on the results of the validation with tests carried out on the infrastructure of the cities of Barcelona (ES), Bristol (UK) and Lucca (IT) can be consulted on the website https: // www. 5gcity.eu/.

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