Blockchain for better cyber security in the smart factory

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In the industry 4.0 and in the vast field of digital transformation in companies and public administrations, the issue of cyber security is of capital importance. In fact, cyber security has as its purpose the aim of defending a company’s IT systems and reporting vulnerabilities, protecting company data from possible attacks and violations. With this in mind, the benefits brought by blockchain technology in the cyber security field contribute to significantly warding off these threats. This is an issue that is so important, that the Italian Government is striving to structure a national strategy and regulate its use.

So why is it so important for companies facing digital transformation to adopt blockchain technology and how does it act to ensure better cyber security?

Blockchain is a set of technologies based on 3 key pillars:

  • the decentralization of data in various storage “blocks”
  • the anti-tampering structure, i.e. a structure that becomes stronger and increasingly difficult to attack with the increase of blocks
  • finally, Zero proof knowledge, meaning the access to systems with data and information that are, however, never revealed.

In a nutshell, the blockchain system is secure by design: there is no authority that certifies the reliability of the data, but the system itself is secure and certifies that some given information is true.

For a first experience by companies with blockchain systems, Italtel provides the blockchain lab, a laboratory that has the task of developing internal use cases and providing consultancy to companies facing digital transformation, to optimize efficiency and productivity to the maximum.

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For further information about Italtel’s vision about blockchain, cyber security or Industry 4.0, please visit our pages about Blockchain, Cyber security and Industry 4.0.

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Giorgio Angiolini
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