CNAO Foundation: Communication is crucial, and it’s improving thanks to Italtel

It is increasingly important for companies, institutions and public bodies to have an efficient system for communicating not only with customers and citizens, but with the employees of those organizations as well. In the healthcare world, for instance, having a reliable communications solution is a key factor in coping with great demand for emergency care and services.

Still in the healthcare sector, digitization has changed a wide range of activities which now require more performing networks and more reliable communication services that can be easily used across multiple platforms and devices.

An example from this universe is the project carried out by Italtel for CNAO – National Oncological Adrotherapy Center, a Pavia-based non-profit foundation, established by the Ministry of Health in 2001, which is the sole center in Italy for the treatment of tumors with protons and carbon ions. CNAO has entrusted us with the task of updating and maintaining the network and telephone system that forms the basis of the Foundation’s communication infrastructure.

The project consisted of multiple stages involving both the maintenance of the existing switchboard and Italtel’s remote engineering support for the implementation of the new equipment. Italtel was able to support the organization’s employees throughout all these stages, making it possible to maintain full operations at all times.

The customer’s satisfaction is a source of great pride for us. The Foundation’s IT manager, Mr. Marco Russo, said: “We have a growing need for partners offering competent, professional-quality services and who can relieve us of a number of activities we would otherwise not have the time to deal with. From this and other points of view, Italtel fully meets our needs.”


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