More quality for production in Industry 4.0 from sensors, IoT and Data Analysis

The extraction of data from connected machines opens up new opportunities to improve the quality of industrial production in the most diverse sectors: from the food industry to that of consumer products, from metal production to the rubber industry. For this purpose, the integrated use of IoT technologies, specialized sensors and data analysis leads to proper planning of production objectives and continuous improvement of the process and product. The choice of the right technological partners is fundamental to accompany every company – from large enterprises to SMEs – on the path towards the digitization of machines, lines and systems and towards the integration of IT and OT components.

This new white paper analyzes in depth how to improve production quality through the collection of useful information to better understand a specific production process in order to be able to carry out corrective actions in real time during production or decide on improvement actions at a later stage, after a more in-depth analysis of even historical data through industrial analytics. For this purpose, the use of specialized sensors is essential: sensors with very distinctive specificities that are inserted at the level of machinery or production line in addition to the existing ones.


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