MADE’s Digital Factory dedicated to SMEs

The technological collaboration between Italtel and MADE’s digital factory dedicated to SMEs kicks off

Smart monitoring and control of industrial processes, smart maintenance, logistics 4.0, industrial cybersecurity and big data analytics: these are some of the areas in which Italtel contributes in a concrete way to the MADE Digital Factory dedicated to SMEs.

Milan, February 2, 2021 – Collaboration, digitalization, innovation and research: these are the goals and spirit through which Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company, chose to take an active part in the creation of MADE’s Digital and Sustainable Factory, a space of 2,500 square meters dedicated to manufacturing SMEs that now opens its doors to the world of companies, trade associations and any other subject interested in the themes of Industry 4.0.

The space is divided into six areas with specific expertise on various 4.0 technologies – from collaborative robotics to remote maintenance, from big data to digital twin, from energy efficiency to industrial cyber-security and to Industrial IoT – to offer, thanks to the synergy among 48 partners including Italtel, guidance and training through use cases and concrete support, while accompanying companies through their digital transformation path.

Italtel is present in five thematic areas and has actively contributed to the creation of numerous “technological islands” through proprietary and third-party solutions, and integration activities with several MADE partners. These usage demonstrations are a key tool for bringing the skills, technologies and innovation solutions already available on the market to the world of manufacturing SMEs.

The collaboration, that is not only institutional but encompasses the entire ecosystem of research and innovation and is made possible by initiatives such as MADE, is the only tool to guarantee long-lasting and stable fruits at the level of the Country System“ – says Paolo Crosta, Head of Innovation LAB & Research Program in Italtel -. “With our expertise on networks and 4.0 technologies we want to be at the service of the digital transformation of the country and manufacturing enterprises, in particular SMEs“.

As a System Integrator, we want to help manage the complexity of the many available technologies through the definition of a real digitalization project, tailored to the specific needs of SMEs, which starts from connectivity and data acquisition systems and reaches cyber-security” summarizes Crosta about Italtel commitments.

In the “Smart Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes, Smart Energy Monitoring and Control, Smart Maintenance” area Italtel, in synergy with other partners, has contributed to the creation of two use cases: the first one related to the analysis and monitoring of KPI specific to the Plant Manager; the second one for the remote environmental monitoring of a facility located by an Italian manufacturing company’s plant.

In the “Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Worker Assistance Systems” area, Italtel has helped to enrich the use case, that is demonstrated and is dedicated to increasing productivity and assisting workers through proprietary solutions from Multimedia Communication and Human-Machine Interface.

In the area of “Big Data Analytics“, an increasingly strategic technology for business competitiveness, Italtel provided its expertise in the collection and data analysis of complex networks and contributed to the creation of innovative dashboards for “massive data analysis” in the industrial field.

In the “Industrial cyber security” area, in addition to the commissioning of the entire MADE Campus infrastructure, Italtel has collaborated in implementing a demonstration of how to prevent and mitigate the effects of potential cyber attacks on the corporate communication network and, above all, on the production facilities in the manufacturing field.

In the “Digital twin and virtual commissioning, Lean production and Logistics 4.0” area, the contribution from Italtel was oriented to the implementation of demonstrations in the field of smart tracking, based on RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies.

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