Italtel among the partners of AI@EDGE

AI@EDGE aims at achieving an impact at European level on relevant industrial aspects of AI for networks paradigms, in beyond 5G.

Milan, 15 April 2021 – Italtel is one of the 19 partners of AI@EDGE, the Horizon2020 research project (Grant Agreement No 101015922) which involves industries, universities and research institutes from 8 different countries committed to developing a secure and reusable Artificial Intelligence platform for Edge Computing in beyond 5G networks. The project started in January 2021 and will last for three years.

Artificial Intelligence systems are considered a corner stone of the fourth industrial revolution. This trend has been acknowledged also by the EU Commission that pointed out how high-performance, intelligent, and secure networks are fundamental for the development and evolution of the multi-service Next Generation Internet. This position is further confirmed by the 5G-PPP initiative that highlighted how smart networks and services are essential for the digital transformation of all sectors of our economy and society, for addressing societal challenges, and for protecting and empowering European citizens to participate in the digital society.

AI@EDGE is among the 9 projects retained from the 81 proposals submitted to the EC in response to the 5G-PPP ICT-52-2020 call: 5G-PPP Smart Connectivity beyond 5

Its main objectives are:

  • bring distributed AI/ML methods into the edge computing environment to efficiently harness the available computing and communication capabilities;
  • combine a mix of cutting-edge cloud computing and 5G concepts with a reusable, secure, and privacy preserving AI/ML layer;
  • provide an effective network automation platform that can be used to develop and deploy AI-enabled cloud-native applications;
  • promote the vision of a new generation of AI-enabled applications obtained through the chaining of Artificial Intelligence Functions (AIFs);
  • design and validate a novel network automation platform supporting all aspects of network and service management (including AIF orchestration).

The team of partners of AI@EDGE will design, prototype, and validate a network and service automation platform capable of supporting flexible and programmable pipelines for the creation, utilization, and adaptation of secure and privacy-aware AI/ML models. Also, they will use this network and service automation platform to orchestrate AI-enabled end-to-end applications. The industrially solutions developed in the project are going to be demonstrated through the deployment of four use cases that will act as validation frameworks.

Italtel is leading and coordinating the activities related to analysis and requirements definition of the use cases, as well as the ones regarding their integration, validation, and benchmarking. In addition, Italtel will contribute in the definition, development and integration of the AI@EDGE connect-compute platform, focusing on the implementation of hardware-acceleration techniques aiming to increase the resource efficiency when running AI/ML applications in the edge environment.

The 19 partners are: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Politecnico di Milano, Athonet, Telecom Italia, Italtel (Italy); Research Institute of Sweden, Ericsson AB, University of Lund (Sveden); Athos Spain, Fundacio Privada I2CAT, AeroTools UAV S.L. (Spain); Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Kunstliche Intelligenz Gmbh, Safran Passenger Innovations (Germany); Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (France); Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece); Eight Bells (Cyprus); Software Radio Systems (Ireland).

More information are available at the AI@EDGE website:

More info about Italtel Research & Innovation activities are available at the page


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