Italtel at IEEE NETSOFT 2022

The 8th IEEE edition of IEEE NetSoft 2022 will be held in Milan, at the Politecnico, from June 27 to July 1 2022.

The main theme of IEEE NetSoft 2022 is “Network Softwarization Coming of Age: New Challenges and Opportunities”. It expresses the common sentiment in the scientific community that while network software has reached a certain level of maturity, there are many opportunities for new ideas and innovative solutions that will allow ICT to continue to grow for many years to come.

As in previous IEEE NetSoft events, the 2022 edition presents the latest research and developments from the academic and industrial world regarding paradigms, architectures, implementations and operation of software networks.

IEEE NetSoft 2022 features a busy five-day conference schedule. The centerpiece is characterized by high-profile speeches by world-class researchers and practitioners, panels with the participation of experts from various fields, technical sessions, as well as demonstrations of prototypes and proof-of-concept implementations.

The event is in live attendance this year, but it also welcomes the participation and presentations of people connected remotely.

Italtel sponsors the event with a silver sponsorship, and participates with a speech by Paolo Secondo Crosta, Head of Innovation LAB and Research programs, in the Panel of experts entitled “Network Softwarization Coming of Age: New Challenges and Opportunities”, which takes place on 30 June starting at 3.15 pm.

We are waiting for you in the exhibition area, where we present our research and innovation activities to all visitors: students are welcome!

For info, program and registrations:

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