10 years of SCRUM

Today we celebrate in 10years of SCRUM in Italtel!

In recent years many companies have adopted agile paradigms including the SCRUM framework to develop software switching from a waterfall approach, where the overall requirements, software development, tests and releases are defined and carried out on a sequential chain, to an iterative and incremental one. In this second way, elementary requirements are elaborated, implemented and validated, to rapidly obtain the availability of new simple functional features, according to the indications of the agile #manifesto.

We introduced this framework ten years ago, in 2012 and, although it was not easy at first, now this method is widely used within our teams for the development of software products and custom projects for our customers. We use this approach for those clients who demand for this method as a requirement, and also for other customers, because we are deeply convinced of its validity.

Our SCRUM teams have the task of releasing working software within set times, according to a list of activities (the Backlog) governed by the Product Owner, supported by the Scrum Master in dealing with difficulties, with the aim of improving the effectiveness and quality of the releases. The final goal is always customer’s satisfaction.

At the end of June 2022, we renewed all the expiring certifications of SCRUM Master and SCRUM Product Owner at the Scrum Alliance.

Congratulations to all certified colleagues and software development teams and… happy agile work!

Certificazione SCRUM Master 10 anni


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