Italtel joins the 5G Consortium

Italtel joins the 5G Consortium created by Athonet, which brings together an ecosystem of vendors and organizations to promote the deployment of private mobile networks, on a mutual basis.

Giovanni D’Onofrio, 5G Marketing Manager in Italtel, commented:

What we need today to push 5G Private Mobile Networks is the creation of an ecosystem of technological partners working together to provide an end-to-end solution: Athonet 5G Consortium fills this gap. Italtel acts as the glue among 4G and 5G technologies, hiding the complexity and providing a unique experience to the customer

How? With our System Integration, Professional Services and Managed Services from the Radio Access Network to the Mobile Core, from Vertical Applications to OSS/BSS systems.

To find out more, visit the 5G Consortium website:

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