News business plan approved

  • Redesigning services, expanding the catalogue and transforming the business, the central points of the plan
  • Transformation and restructuring of the internal organisation
  • Increase in profitability forecast with EBITDA at 9.6% and 365M€ in revenues in 2026 with major expansion in the public and private markets in Italy and abroad
  • Renewed offer to meet the growing demand for digital transformation. Focus on hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, 5G Ecosystem, Internet of Things, Analytics & Automation.

Milan, 5 August 2022 – In July, Italtel’s Board of Directors, chaired by Chairman Claudio Calabi, approved the new 2022-26 business plan, which was presented yesterday to the Trade Unions and the Ministry of Economic Development. During the meeting, the CEO, Benedetto Di Salvo, outlined the guidelines of the process for overcoming the current period of uncertainty and facilitate the company’s transformation and relaunch.

A new business strategy, a redesign of the offer catalogue and investments in Research & Development focused on the most innovative sectors: these are the cornerstones of the new Italtel’s plan to reposition the company as a a go-to partner in the Telco, Media, Cloud, Finance, Energy, Public Sector and Health sectors.

“The presentation of the business plan marks the entry to a new phase of the relaunch process of Italtel, which will gradually reinvent itself and re-establish its position as a strategic player for the growth and digitalisation of the country, of this we are certain.  We decided to embark on a path of transformation of the services we offer by expanding our range of skills and leveraging the company’s technological assets,’ said Benedetto Di Salvo, CEO of Italtel. “We will focus on developing software solutions in collaboration with our technology partners and hyperscalers to accelerate cloud adoption in enterprises, simplify and automate complex infrastructure operations, and extract value from data.

A transformation of strategic assets is expected with a new offer balanced between existing lines and new lines with a faster development trend. To meet the growing demand from digital transformation, Italtel aims to manage the entire ICT value chain, from infrastructure components to applications and services. Specifically, the intention is to invest in different and innovative technologies in the fields of Hybrid Cloud, Information Security, IoT, Analytics & Automation and Collaboration.

Italtel’s multinational dimension is confirmed with a presence in Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, supporting our large international customer groups.

Investment will continue on the FTTH, 5G public & private design centre in Italy and abroad.

EBITDA growth over the plan period is mainly related to business development and growth, as a result of a stronger focus on value-added services and a rationalisation of the cost structure. A reskilling plan and a turnaround programme are planned for about 200 exits to be managed through the use of instruments under discussion with the social partners.

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