EcoVadis certification for Corporate Social Responsibility renewed

EcoVadis offers the first collaborative platform to provide Supplier Sustainability assessments for global logistics chains, whose system for analysing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, based on internationally recognized standards is divided into four thematic areas: Environment, Work and Human Rights, Business Ethics, Sustainable procurement.

Italtel, which has always been committed to achieving its business objectives in full respect of human rights, fair competition, and environmental protection, since 2015 has undergone every year the assessment by EcoVadis, which on 11 August 2022 renewed to Italtel the “Silver Medal” with an overall score of 61/100. With this score, Italtel remains clearly above the average of the companies in its own industrial sector, and more precisely it ranks within 13% of the companies with the best global score, within 9% of the companies with the best evaluation in the thematic area Business ethics and within 16% of the companies with the best evaluation in the thematic area Sustainable procurement.

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