Italtel Deutschland: member of BREKO

Italtel is entering the German BroadBand market as one of the main parts of their new strategy and joined BREKO as the largest broadband association in Germany who represents most German companies operating in the field of fiber optic networks.

With over 440 members, more than half of which are network operators, the association promotes competition in the German market to stimulate the development of fiber optic connections both in cities and in rural areas.

Active for 20 years on the German market, Italtel Deutschland achieved double-digit growth in 2022 with the launch of important projects for customers for national and local operators. The strategy that is guiding its path is based on consolidating its presence in the telco market, with expansion of the offer towards new components, such as managed services, and on entering new segments such as utilities, which in Germany are active as regional fiber optic provider.

To address the UBB market, Italtel Deutschland intends to exploit the ultra-broadband infrastructure design capabilities that Italtel has been developing in Italy over the last six years, when it has been the protagonist of fiber optic and fixed wireless access development projects for public and private entities. To support its design capacity, Italtel set up an internal UBB Academy which has trained around 200 young people aged between 25 and 30 on skills of fiber optic network design.

BREKO has its own offices in Bonn, Berlin, Brussels and in the German federal states.

Visit Italtel’s profile in BREKO website!

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