ICT: Italtel launches a collaboration program with High Tech Institutes and Universities

  • Partners of the program will be the main Italian universities and high technical institutes;
  • Signed the first collaboration agreement with ITS Rizzoli of Milan;

Milan, 8 February 2023 – The collaboration between the company and the training world as the first element of retraining and enrichment of ICT skills in support of development plans for digital transformation in crucial sectors such as telecommunications, health, industry, energy. This is the central theme of the new project launched by Italtel, a multinational of Information & Communication Technology.

The signing of the partnership with the Angelo Rizzoli Technical Institute Foundation for Information and Communication Technologies, which for over 10 years has been providing post-diploma specialization courses and training to future technicians in the ICT and Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), is part of the company’s new ambitious program and is the first agreement signed in this area.

The collaboration with the ITS Rizzoli Foundation will allow Italtel to offer young specialists opportunities to enter the company through training internships and apprenticeship contracts to work alongside its developers and engineering technicians, in a context of profitable exchange of skills and cross-fertilization between generations. In particular, Italtel’s software development teams have been using agile methodologies for years, based on the Scrum framework, which could constitute an important methodological learning opportunity.

For some time Italtel has been implementing initiatives to strengthen relations with the main Italian universities both through the construction of internships and with activities aimed at bringing its own contribution of expertise and experience to orientate the training offer to the needs of a rapidly growing sector and continuous technological transformation.

Our industrial plan has as key elements the expansion of the offer towards more innovative segments and the maintenance of the focus on R&D and value-added system integration, – says Michele Saracino, Chief HR & Organization Officer of Italtel. “For us, therefore, strengthening skills, particularly in the fields of software development, cyber-security, cloud and data analytics, is essential and we pursue it not only through internal training courses but also with the inclusion of new talents who are also lifeblood for intergenerational contamination”.

For companies like Italtel it is essential to build profitable relationships, as well as with the university world, also with that of the High Technical Institutes that are playing a valuable role of training and specialization of high technology to those who are about to enter the world of work.

The start of the partnership with ITS Rizzoli in Milan, and those with other ITS that we are finalizing in Sicily and Lazio, is part of our strategy to build a close and profitable relationship with the world of training of excellence specialized in the field of ICT even outside the traditional university context. In addition, with a view to sustainability, we have always worked in strong synergy with stakeholders in the territories where we are present (in Italy and abroad) and, therefore, also these partnerships with the main actors of the formation to local level are coherent with our way of doing enterprise”, concluded Saracino.

The labour market has long highlighted the lack of specialists on the most innovative technological issues. According to the “positioning paper” by Anitec-Assinform “Training of advanced ICT skills: Guidelines for a widespread School”, 57,000 ICT web vacancies are also accessible to graduates, associated with profiles ranging from mobile application developer to systems analyst, from cloud specialist to data specialist, from information security specialist to devops expert and network specialist.

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