A new customer in France chooses our STIR/SHAKEN solution

In France, thanks to the introduction of some regulations to contrast fraudulent calls (Stir/Shaken), Italtel has positioned a solution based on the proprietary iRPS product at a French ISP, a leader in digital services for medium-sized businesses and local operators.

The project foresees the creation of specific software developments by our R&D for the integration of the network solution and in the IT systems of the French regulator and of the customer.

Among the reasons that led the customer to choose our solution is the fact that it responds precisely to the rules established by the French Telecommunications Authority, rules that operators operating in the country are required to comply with by July 2023.

Furthermore, we are a vendor with the right size and expertise to closely follow the ISP and make the customizations suited to its needs. Finally, we are a company with a diversified presence in Europe, with a support team based in France and speaking French, the mother tongue of the customer.

For more info on our STIR SHAKEN solution: https://www.italtel.com/the-italtel-stir-shaken-solution/

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