Telemedicine: Italtel and Med58 sign a collaboration agreement for digital health

Complete management of the patient’s clinical dossier, planning and monitoring of the post-performance clinical path, patient involvement through the Clinical Plans (followup and reminder), availability of advanced statistical analysis, deep learning and AI dynamics on the collected data. This is the focus of the collaboration.

Milan, March 22, 2023 – Deliver cutting-edge solutions and make an effective contribution to digital transformation in healthcare. This is the goal of the new collaboration between Italtel, an ICT multinational, and Med58, a startup operating in Digital Healthcare.

The collaboration between Italtel and Med58 stems from the desire to develop an effective solution that combines an advanced platform of telemedicine with the complete management of the clinical dossier of the patient, the planning and monitoring of the post-clinical pathperformance, patient involvement through Clinical Plans (follow-up and reminder), the availability of advanced statistical analysis, deep learning and AI dynamics on the collected data. The new solution is aimed at all stakeholders of public and private health, health facilities and companies in the supply chain.

The two companies have complementary experiences and skills: Med58 has created a proprietary platform called Med58 of Digital Healthcare and Telemedicine, web and mobile App, white label and customizable, for the collection of health data, the exchange of information, follow-up and monitoring and their use in support of the doctor’s activity. In addition, the platform provides services of Second Opinion, Booking/Agenda/Payments and a service for the management and promotion of the activities of the doctor and the hospital, public and private, and of the companies of the Health Sector.

Italtel, thanks to its internal software factory and expertise on infrastructure issues, has developed a proprietary telemedicine platform called DoctorLINK that, thanks to IoT and webrtc (Web Real-Time Communication) technologies , allows the tele-monitoring of patients, communication between patients and doctors or between doctors located in different facilities, with the exchange of audio and video information, clinical data collected in real-time, texts, images or other forms necessary for prevention, treatment and subsequent control of patients.

The real challenge to improve the work of doctors, nurses and health professionals is to use technological innovation starting from the experiences and concrete needs of those who live healthcare from within”, comments Loredana Tomasino, Head of Application, Integration & Services della BU Private & Public Sector of Italtel. “The collaboration with MED58 combines different skills and was born with the aim of responding to the needs of patients through user friendly, innovative solutions, in which the person actively participates in their treatment path”.

Med58 is the result of the encounter between a strong medical know-how and brilliant digital skills, guided by the ethical spirit of a project that aims to improve health services, prevention paths and the health of citizens”, says Raffaele Nudi, Partner of MED58. “The collaboration with Italtel represents for us a great opportunity to bring an important change to the Healthcare sector in Italy”.

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