TIM chooses Italtel’s Analytics & Automation solution for network monitoring

The advanced Network Visibility solution developed by Italtel in collaboration with TIM has allowed for improving the quality of the streaming video services of the main OTTs provided to end customers through the operator’s network.

Milan, 6 July 2023 – Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company, has created for TIM – which has collaborated on the development – an automated IP core network monitoring solution to optimize operation and infrastructure management and improve the quality of service offered to the end user.

The IP Flow End-to-end Monitoring solution is based on a software platform developed by Italtel that provides the operator with a unique view through which to measure and monitor how the streaming video applications of the different OTTs are distributed over the network, recognising the types of traffic, reconstructing the flows on a service/application basis, verifying the correct distribution and enriching the data collected in an appropriate way.

The solution has proved to be valuable to improve the Network Visibility related to the transmission of live content of the different OTTs and thus to improve the quality of the service provided to the end customer.

The continuous growth of traffic, the diversification and specificity of the applications used by customers require Telcos to manage their network smarter and smarter,” said Fabrizio La Paglia, Head of Telco Media & Cloud Business Unit of Italtel. “Once again Italtel has demonstrated its ability and speed in building a specific solution to the needs of the customer, flexible, and able to evolve over time in relation to new needs or new services that the operator will offer to its customers. Our knowledge of networks combined with software development skills make us the ideal partner to develop Automation & Analytics projects “.

The solution is able to recognize actual or potential alarm situations that occur on the network and to notify it by email, SMS and telephone calls, acting as a trouble- shooting tool to optimize operations and improve the quality of service offered to the end customer.

The effective collection of data and traffic measurements from network equipment, which allows monitoring of equipment and their interfaces, is carried out using innovative technology (LiveAction) selected by Italtel for this project and with which it has consolidated a partnership.

The Italtel solution facilitates the extension of functionality to additional network areas (Data Center, SD WAN, etc.) or to the monitoring of specific applications.

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