The first partner in Italy certified Cisco Master Collaboration

We are proud to announce that we are the only Cisco partner in Italy certified Master Collaboration Specialization!

The “Master” qualification represents the highest level of specialization that Cisco assigns to one of its partners. We are currently the only Cisco partner to have this qualification in Italy, having demonstrated that we meet the high requirements established by Cisco, not only for the extensive knowledge of the products, but also for the competence in the supply and implementation of #professionalservices for Cisco Collaboration solutions.

Thanks to this recognition, we confirm ourselves as the Cisco partner with the greatest skills in the Collaboration field in Italy.

Today most companies ask their people to be able to work effectively remotely in Smartworking mode. The Master Collaboration Specialization guarantees these companies that Italtel can support them in implementing and accelerating the adoption of modern communication solutions, assisting them in their management throughout the entire life cycle so that they are always suited to their business objectives.

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