Italtel among the first 5 Cisco partners in the world to have certified its Full Stack Observability service

Italtel is among the first 5 Cisco partners in the world to have certified its Full Stack Observability service according to the stringent technical requirements of Cisco (“Cisco Powered Service”). This certifies Italtel’s ability to provide services that meet the real needs of public or private companies.

At the same time, Cisco has confirmed to Italtel the certification “Cisco Gold Provider”, the highest qualification of partner provider of managed services, valid internationally.

The Full Stack Observability (FSO) service provided by Italtel, based on Appdynamics and ThousendEyes platforms, can be used by companies in every sector that want to monitor the performance of their services on the entire technology stack: from the application field, in a hybrid and multi-cloud context, right down to networking components. This is an advanced monitoring that allows you to highlight any impact on the “user experience” of applications that take advantage of features and services external to the network of companies, such as cloud services.

With the FSO service, Italtel expands its catalogue of managed services that includes Networking , Collaboration, and Cybersecurity.

We are proud of these results, which confirm our thirty-year commitment as a Cisco system integrator and the levels of excellence achieved as a managed services provider. The development of managed services is one of the lines of our growth strategy and respond to an increasingly emerging need among companies.

Managed services attract increasing interest from public and private sector companies that prefer to invest in human and instrumental resources, directly related to their core business, turning instead to providers like Italtel to get the benefits of advanced technologies, without assuming the costs of managing them on their own.

Italtel provides its managed services through its Digital Operation Center, with highly qualified personnel in Italy, Spain and Brazil.

These skills allow Italtel to offer customers, in Europe and Latin America, managed services that guarantee an effective implementation of the technology to support the business, minimizing the risk of failure or security problems thanks to expert support and a monthly subscription model

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