My career path at Italtel: building, creating and growing

Software engineer

Hi, I am Silvia Villa, I am 41 years old and a software engineer, graduated in Computer Engineering in Pavia in 2006. I want to share my career experience in Italtel SPA, a telecommunications company that became my professional home and the place where I unleashed my passion for building complex systems and ingenuity in the world of computer research.

From the beginning, I have found fascinating the combination of engineering and creativity that the field offers. For me, programming is like solving an intricate crossword puzzle, a game I have always been passionate about.

Italtel: my first company after graduation

After graduation, I entered the working world as a software engineer at Italtel. This company, a renowned name in telecommunications, was my first choice. My first day on the job was memorable: my boss handed me a book on SIP, it was called “SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol,” and said, “Study well, this will be your bible.” So it was. I accepted the challenge enthusiastically and immersed myself in understanding the protocol. Although I soon realized that I would have many more bibles! It was the beginning of a journey that would shape my professional future.

In a short time, I became team leader of the SIP telephone access application. I was required to know every aspect of it: from basic functionality to configuration logic, from reference specification dogmas to technical architectural choices, from strengths to sensitive aspects. I collaborated with many colleagues, discussing with them the various technical issues involving the application. I also had the opportunity to share my knowledge by giving internal courses on SIP.

Returning to Italtel: a unique and fulfilling environment

After four years at another web development company, 7 years ago I chose to return to Italtel. The culture of collaboration that permeates this work environment is something I missed. The sense of community that is professional, competitive and familiar at the same time makes my work challenging, rewarding and peaceful.

During my second stint at Italtel, I had the opportunity to work on several projects as an analyst and architect-these are the new skills I have been moving toward in recent years.

The Agile Scrum method: a revolutionary change

One of the reasons that makes this company a welcoming and at the same time efficient place to work is the adoption of the Agile Scrum working method in R&D. This approach brings with it significant benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Agile Scrum allows us to adapt quickly to changing project needs, ensuring that our work is always aligned with customer requirements.
  2. Transparency: All team members actively participate in planning and analysis, which means that every aspect of the project is visible and understandable to everyone.
  3. Collaboration: Constant communication within the Scrum team fosters the sharing of ideas and collaborative problem solving.

At Italtel, I am part of a Scrum team where synergy among members is key and constantly growing. This work environment fosters one’s professional development, allowing us to outline our path according to personal passions and goals, providing opportunities for growth. This is always done in the context of a team of colleagues ready to share their experience, ensuring an environment of continuous learning and growth.

We build, create and grow together.

A harmonious balance between work and family life

In addition to my career, it is important to note that I am also a mother of adorable twins. Thanks to the flexibility of the company and the ability to work in smart working mode, I have found a balance between my professional responsibilities and family life that is valuable beyond measure. Currently, I work in a 75 percent part-time regime, which allows me to devote the necessary time to my family without compromising my career path.

Part-time work has been a tremendous opportunity for personal growth. Efficient time management has become a key skill in both aspects of my life. With fewer hours available than my full-time colleagues, I learned how to speed up work organization and decision-making processes and avoid procrastination. This challenge has made me more diligent and focused, enabling me to keep up with full-time colleagues and face professional challenges with greater determination.

In managing my personal life, the arrival of my two children made it essential to better organize my time. This has involved careful planning of daily activities, identification of priorities, and increased efficiency in the execution of tasks. The combination of family and professional responsibilities has enriched my experience and taught me valuable lessons about the importance of flexibility, resilience, and time management.

Advice for future professionals

For recent graduates and female graduates, I would like to share some advice:

  1. Follow your passion: Choose a career path that you are passionate about and motivated by. Working on what you love will make every day an adventure.
  2. Learn continuously: The field of software engineering is constantly evolving. Stay current and learn continuously to stay relevant in your field.
  3. Value collaboration: Collaboration with colleagues is often critical to success. Work well in teams and share your knowledge with others.
  4. Choose a work environment that suits you: Find a work environment that fits your personality, your aspirations, and your family. A place where you feel inspired and calm to give your all and have your say is essential for success.

I hope these tips will help future professionals and female professionals in their career path. Good luck!

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