The first Italian SBC certified to work with the IPC trading communications platform

Italtel and IPC Systems Inc., leader in the “trading communications” sector, have successfully conducted a test campaign aimed at certifying the SIP interface between our Session Border Controller NetMatch-S and the IPC “trading communications” platform Unigy Management System.

The activity was requested by the customer Unicredit and is preparatory to the introduction of the work between the two network elements in the solution of the same customer.

Thanks to our SBC, which acts as a “translator” and adaptor of signaling and media protocol, all problems of communication between different telephony systems, from the fixed and mobile networks to the most common collaboration platforms are solved (Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, …), including legacy switchboards from a large number of vendors, particularly in the context of trading communications transactions. For example, we have enabled traders to communicate with colleagues in the bank who use Microsoft Teams and also with the public network (PSTN/PLMN).

NetMatch-S is the only Italian SBC certified with the IPC platform. This solution can be offered to customers, even with other switchboards besides that of Microsoft Teams. The topic of trading communications covers areas that are not limited only to finance and banking, but all those contexts where transactions are required, such as the energy/oil sector.

The certification involved the following network elements:

  • Microsoft Teams platform in Media bypass mode configuration
  • PSTN/PLMN emulation
  • IPC Unigy Management System
  • NetMatch-S CI Session Border Controlle

The NetMatch-S CI was installed in Italtel’s Research and Development laboratories in Milan and remotely connected to the MS Teams platform in the cloud and the PSTN emulator and to the IPC Unigy instance in the Tekvizion US office.

The test list agreed between the parties and composed of 85 tests covered the following scenarios:

  • Basic calls and “Call Hold and Resume” scenarios
  • Call Transfers (Call Transfer)
  • Unconditional and non-response call forwarding (Call Forward)
  • Combination of transfer and call forwarding
  • Conferences with PSTN involvement
  • Resilience and High Reliability (HA)
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