KOESIO compliant to Naegelen law, with Italtel’s STIR/SHAKEN solution

KOESIO: one of first telco company compliant to Naegelen law, with Italtel’s STIR/SHAKEN solution efficiently deployed in tight time

Italtel’s effective and flexible STIR/SHAKEN solution ensures full compliance with the Naegelen Law. It is designed to fight caller ID spoofing, fraudulent calls and robocalls.

MILAN – PARIS November 22, 2023 – Koesio, the French leader in digital services for VSEs/SMEs and local authorities, announces it is one of the first telecommunications company in France exchanging STIR/SHAKEN-enabled calls with other carriers by activating the STIR/SHAKEN solution of Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company that designs solutions and services for digital transformation.

Italtel’s STIR/SHAKEN solution allows Koesio to be fully compliant with the Naegelen Law in France, requiring all operators and service providers to implement a solution protecting their customers from various types of telephony-based frauds.

STIR/SHAKEN is a complex of protocols and procedures intended to fight call spoofing, robocalls and malicious calls. It enables telephone service providers to authenticate and verify caller identities to mitigate caller ID spoofing.

By delivering this project for Koesio, we demonstrated strong capacity to deploy and integrate a complex solution in a very tight time and high efficiency of our technical team, which operated in close collaboration with the customer’s teams”, commented Giuseppe Grimaldi, iRPS Product Owner at Italtel. The competence we gained over time on complex carrier grade infrastructures allowed us to develop an effective and flexible STIR/SHAKEN solution for Koesio’s specific needs”.

We were looking for an integrator to help us implement the legislation MAN (Mechanisms for the Authentication of Numbers) – explained Thibaut Parisi – Head of Engineering in Koesio Networks -. We had extremely tight deadlines and our manufacturers weren’t ready. We rose to the challenge with Italtel, deploying and integrating the solution and the various KPIs required by the regulations in just 3 months. We completed the entire implementation by 25 July 2023. We were able to enter a running-in period as required by the APNF, with the aim of identifying any inter-operator adjustments and correcting them.”

ARCEP, the French regulator, established and chaired the MAN (Mechanisms for the Authentication of Numbers) Working Group of APNF (Fixed Number Portability Association) to be involved in governance to make STIR/SHAKEN effective in 2023.

STIR/SHAKEN has been broadly adopted in the United States of America and Canada for VoIP traffic.

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