A Lifetime of Work at Italtel, in the STEM World.

Multimedia Networks Engineer

Laura Rech fotoHello, I’m Laura Rech, and I want to share with you my fascinating journey of nearly 30 years at Italtel, a path that has shaped my career in the vast universe of telecommunications and information sciences.

My adventure began in 1994, after obtaining a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Milan.

Italtel welcomed me when I was very young and inexperienced, allowing me to delve deeply into the telecommunications world, apply the knowledge acquired in the academic field to an industrial reality, and, most importantly, leverage my skills, potential, and aptitudes

First real experience … and unique

I have always had a predilection for science subjects, especially mathematics, and, upon graduating from high school, I wanted to take a “leap of faith” by enrolling in a degree program in Computer Science, a subject of which I had no prior knowledge, but which was emerging as being of fundamental importance in technological development and which would be increasingly indispensable.

Please note that in Milan, the course had only been available for a few years!

After a brief experience as a consultant, Italtel was the first company I worked for… and I am still part of it.

Italtel gave me the opportunity to study, to grow in a dynamic and technological environment, and, coupled with my determination and eagerness to learn and take on new challenges, to build a long-lasting career. In-company training was crucial and allowed me to primarily develop knowledge in the field of telecommunications, which was not covered in my university studies, and to enhance my proficiency in English. Equally fundamental was the day-by-day acquisition of know-how from experienced colleagues.

A versatile and motivating route

My journey at Italtel has been diverse: from Software Engineer to System Engineer and Product Manager, eventually becoming a technical reference for our main Telco client. I handle projects in both pre-sale phases, supporting sales, and post-sale phases.

This path has demanded commitment, consistency, and flexibility, especially during maternity periods. However, it was precisely upon returning from one of these periods in 2002 that I had the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of new technologies, such as the pioneering study of the SIP protocol, which had just been standardized that year.

This allowed me to oversee the initial VoIP network projects within the company, based on the SIP protocol, and later leverage this background to collaborate on network solutions directly with clients. Direct engagement with the client is challenging, but I believe it is very stimulating and allows a concrete understanding of market needs. Establishing a good relationship with the client, built on mutual professional recognition, is of paramount importance, in my opinion.

Italtel: a professional family

The work environment has always been a strength of Italtel. Italtel has been and still is my work “family,” characterized by strong collaboration within work teams and a focus on the common goal.

Recognition and respect, both professionally and personally, are the key elements that make Italtel a unique environment in which to work peacefully.

Throughout my professional career, I have always had an excellent relationship with my managers, who have been able to recognize and highlight my abilities, leaving me a lot of autonomy, while being present if and when situations required it.

Balancing work and family

Since the beginning of my experience at Italtel, I have had the opportunity to balance professional activities and my private life in a profitable way. Flexible schedules and goal-oriented work have allowed me to be a present mother, manage family commitments and, at the same time, complete all work activities within the required timeframe.

Smart Working, introduced in advance of the pandemic, has further facilitated this delicate work-life balance.

Call for consideration of STEM careers

In conclusion, Italtel is much more than a workplace for me. It is my natural environment, a reservoir of knowledge and opportunities in the technology field. I urge all girls and women who are passionate about technology to consider a career in STEM, an area that Italtel embraces and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to.

Together, we can participate in the future of technology and inspire new generations to pursue innovative paths in an ever-evolving STEM world!




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