CANAL PLUS TELECOM chooses Italtel’s STIR/SHAKEN solution

Once more, an ISP in France relies on the Italtel’s effectiveness and flexible STIR/SHAKEN solution to be fully compliant with the new law designed to fight caller ID spoofing, fraudulent calls and robocalls.

Italtel’s skills on Engineering and Project Management allowed to fast deploy the solution and overcome the complexity of the network.

ISSY LES MOULINEAUX – MILAN – 20 February 2024Canal Plus Telecom, one of the French leaders in triple play services in the French Overseas Territories and providing Internet and telecommunications services to VSEs/SMEs, announces it is exchanging STIR/SHAKEN-enabled calls with other voice carriers by activating the STIR/SHAKEN solution of Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company that designs solutions and services for digital transformation. 

Italtel’s STIR/SHAKEN solution allows Canal Plus Telecom to be fully compliant with the Naegelen Law in France, requiring all operators and service providers to implement a solution protecting their customers from various types of telephony-based frauds and robocalls. Italtel France was a pioneer in bringing this solution to the market and addressing a specific need of operators.

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STIR/SHAKEN is a complex set of protocols and procedures intended to fight calls spoofing, robocalls and malicious calls. It enables telephone service providers to authenticate and verify caller identities to mitigate caller ID spoofing.

The problem of spam calls and robocalls is constantly increasing and, according to the Q323 Global Threats Report by Hyia, in the third quarter of 2023 unwanted calls worldwide were more than 73 million every day, including both fraud calls and nuisance calls. In Europe, France is among the countries where the spam rate is higher (42,7%) and for this reason the new Naegelen Law was introduced in July 2023.

We were looking for a supplier which was able to help us implementing this rather complex system and allowing us to authenticate and verify outgoing and incoming calls in a compliant way to the Naegelen Law. Italtel came up with the right solution, scaled for our business, our needs, and our networks. They implemented and delivered the solution in a very professional way and in a short time. They were also able to quickly adapt to our specific needs and overseas particularities.” said Franck Bertaud – Head of Networks & Systems Architecture Dept at Canal Plus Telecom.

By delivering this STIR/SHAKEN project for Canal Plus Telecom, as Italtel we demonstrated strong capacity to fast deploy in only 2 months our solution and integrate it smoothly with the MAN system, due to the efficiency of our technical teams, which operated in close collaboration with Canal Plus Telecom teams”, commented Paolo Pellegrineschi, Country Manager of Italtel France. Our engineering competences overcome the complexity of Canal Plus Telecom’s network, that includes several oversea islands, and the flexibility of our STIR/SHAKEN solution matches all requirements of the customer”.

ARCEP, the French regulator, established and chaired the MAN (Mechanisms for the Authentication of Numbers) Working Group of APNF (Fixed Number Portability Association) to be involved in governance to make STIR/SHAKEN effective in 2023.

STIR/SHAKEN has been broadly adopted in the United States of America and Canada for VoIP traffic.

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