New milestone for NetMatch-S Cloud-Inside

Webex Calling is one of the world market leaders in Unified Communication as a Service (UCCaaS). To make one of its terminals communicate with one present in the public telephone network (PSTN), it uses one of the Session Border Controllers (SBC) certified for this type of interworking, among which the Italtel’s NetMatch-S Cloud Inside.

One of the configurations allowed for this type of interworking provided by Cisco is to have the SBC hosted in the Service Provider network which resells the interconnection service to numerous third-party companies in a centralized way.

Italtel SBC has been certified to support this particular configuration and offers PSTN connectivity through SIP trunking functionality, allowing Webex Calling to be used as a business phone system. The SBC hosted by the service provider is divided into configuration portions, each of them with resources dedicated to a particular company (each with its “tenant” described in the Webex Calling platform).

“We are proud to announce the achievement of this new certification, which not only demonstrates our continued commitment to technological innovation, but also our ability to provide advanced and reliable communications solutions. This achievement confirms our leading position in the industry and allows us to offer our customers increasingly efficient and secure connectivity, responding to their needs with cutting-edge solutions,” commented Massimiliano Nucita, Product Owner – Global Offer Evolution & Business Development and project manager.

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