Corporate Social Responsibility

Italtel commitment to achieve its business objectives is carried out fully respecting the rights of the individual, ensuring fair competition, safeguarding the environment and protecting workplace health and safety.

This inspiration is based on the United Nations Global Compact and the principles concerning respect for human rights and safe workplace conditions, the protection of the environment and business ethics – issues which already are central considerations of the Italtel Group Code of Conduct.

There are many activities and corporate initiatives directly or indirectly related with the environmental improvement and social innovation starting from the concept, development, certification, deployment and maintenance of our proprietary products and services, through research activities proposed and carried out in support (and in anticipation) of our products and services, up to the initiatives within the company, with a specific focus on our multiple participations in Consortia, Associations, National and International Bodies and Organizations.

In 2015 Italtel has undergone an evaluation of its compliance to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and has been awarded “Silver Recognition” by EcoVadis – a leading international organization which has developed a collaborative platform to provide supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains. In June 2016 Italtel achieved a new positive evaluation through the ACESIA platform that is managed by Anfor Group, one of the most important certification organization worldwide.

Since 2015 Italtel has undergone every year the assessment by EcoVadis, which in June 2021 renewed the “Silver Medal” certification with an overall score of 61/100.

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