We want to be an enabler of our customers’ sustainability strategies on an economic, environmental and social level

Sustainability today is measured in terms of social development, energy saving and reduction of environmental impact. Sustainability is therefore the essential condition for development: the limited resources of the planet are in contrast with the extent of our needs. If we want to satisfy them without further compromising the well-being of future generations, every initiative we take, both at the community and individual level, must be inspired by sustainability.

As a company we are aware that digitization is the main driver for an inclusive and planet-friendly development, therefore we support our customers’ sustainability strategies by placing our skills and expertise at their disposal.

Carbon footprintWith our offer of solutions and services based on innovative sustainable technologies, we are committed to helping them achieve their business results in an increasingly sustainable way. For example, our Cloud Computing solutions make it possible to optimize customer solutions by reducing CO2 emissions into the environment; our Workspace optimization and collaboration solutions on the one hand contribute to the achievement of the company objectives of productivity and reduction of CO2 emissions through energy saving and on the other they improve the worklife balance of collaborators, as well as the bond between company and employees.

Through cooperation with Academic Institutions, Research Centers, Standardization Bodies, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises and Public Bodies, we conduct research on the most relevant international technological trends, develop innovative prototypes and exploit the results of projects to obtain maximum benefits for citizens and society thanks to new products, solutions and services.

Sustainability_2022Italtel, which celebrated 100 years of activity in 2021, has always pursued its business objectives according to solid principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e. respecting, wherever it operates in Italy and in the world, the rights of people, fair competition, safeguarding the environment and protecting occupational health and safety.

The ethical principles that inspire our CSR are those sanctioned by the United Nations Global Compact and pertain to respect for human rights, the creation of decent working conditions, environmental protection and business ethics, topics which constitute the reference of the our Code of Ethics.

Safeguarding the environment is one of our prerogatives: in 1994 we issued our first Environmental and Health Policy. In line with the Environmental Policy, we have adopted eco-design methodologies since 1997 and have developed products that are fully compliant with the RoHS – WEEE directives, on the restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) and on the management of waste electrical and electronics (WEEE).

SustainabilityIn 2001 we obtained for the first time the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification for the Carini plant. The Carini Industrial area later also developed its own specific Environmental Policy and from the end of 2019 the Carini area is Plastic free, having eliminated the consumption of plastic by Italtel guests and employees and by the companies present in the area.

In 2016 we adhered to the agreement signed by Confindustria with CGIL, CISL and UIL which aims to prevent and combat acts and behaviors that amount to harassment or violence in the workplace, since any act or behavior of this nature must be discouraged adopting appropriate measures against the person or persons who put them in place. Read the Statement against harassment

Starting from the same year we have adopted a new Purchasing Policy in which we have not just defined purchasing criteria and methods suitable for guaranteeing customers the supply of products and services that meet the needs of quality, cost, time and reliability but also we have underlined our willingness to work only with suppliers who share our principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We aspire to improve our results and at the same time contribute to improving the world around us if we inspire all our activities to sustainability in its three dimensions: environmental, social and economic. For this reason, we translate our policies into actions, evaluate our activities according to social, environmental and corporate governance ESG criteria, set ourselves goals and measure our progress over time.

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