Environmental protection has been a commitment of Italtel since 1994 when the company issued its first policy for the Environment and Health, whose last edition was in 2017.
In 1997, in line with the Environmental Policy, methodologies for eco-design were adopted. In 2001 the plant of Carini achieved the ISO 14001 environmental certification. Italtel is also fully compliant with RoHS – WEEE directives in line with its policy of restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) and the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
Since 2004-2005 the company has carried out a renovation and relocation of spaces for offices and testing plants, concentrating them in tighter spaces with the aim of optimizing their energy consumption in order to avoid waste . The constant commitment of Italtel in the renewal of equipment used in laboratories and test development and maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment has reduced by more than 30% Tons of Oil Equivalent (TOE) consumed over the last five years.
To this figure is added to the constant commitment to research and development of new solutions with low environmental impact such as cloud computing which optimizes solutions to customers and reduces CO2 emissions in the environment. Italtel’s commitment to safeguarding the environment is also confirmed by the results of the Corporate Social Responsibility certifications.
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