Italtel VNFM & HPE Orchestrator

A successful case of standard interoperability

For the second year, Italtel participated in the NFV plugtests, organized by ETSI.

Last January in Sophia Antipolis, organization and vendors found each other to test the degree of compatibility with the standard and mutual interoperability.

Thanks to NFV Plugtests Programme and Hub for Interoperability and Validation at ETSI (HIVE) to interconnect participants’ labs and local test infrastructure deployed at ETSI, some partecipants have been able to test the implementation of the specification even after the conclusion of the event. In particular Italtel and HPE tested with success a set of operations on REST interface between Italtel VNF Manager (VNFM) and HPE Orchestrator NFV Director.

In addition to the Subscription Management operations, tested during the Plugtests 2. Italtel and HPE have planned and carried out a set of supplementary tests on the main REST interfaces supported over the Or-Vnfm reference point of the Network Functions Virtualisation Management and Orchestration architectural framework and verified the compliance of the information elements, produced by NFVO and consumed by VNFM, as described in ETSI GS NFV-SOL 003.

Italtel and HPE found a very good level of compliance. It’s a great example of integration between two vendors, which know the importance of functional interoperability and have an active role in standardization.

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