Italtel signs with H Exchange the preliminary for the sale of the Carini complex and moves its Sicilian site to Palermo

  • The new venue will meet the needs of the core business of Italtel.
  • The R&D laboratories in Palermo (Sicily) represent an important hub of innovation for Italtel and Southern Italy.

Milan, 10 February 2023Italtel, a multinational of Information & Communication Technology, has signed with H Exchange, a real estate company belonging to the Hightel Towers spa group, a preliminary sale with which the companies have undertaken to formalize the final sale by 31 March 2023. Subsequently, in the coming months, the activities of the historic industrial area of Carini will be transferred to a new location in Palermo, more in line with the current needs of the company.

Named after Marisa Bellisario, the first Italian woman manager who ran the company from 1981 to 1988, the Carini complex was designed in the early 70s with large industrial halls designed for the production of large telephone exchanges, network equipment, and telephone sets.

Today Italtel’s activities revolve around the design of software applied to the realization of infrastructures, services and solutions for digital transformation in areas such as Cloud, cybersecurity, iot, UBB and 5G, the digital workplace, the Analytics & Automation.

About 170 people work in Carini, mostly technicians and engineers engaged in research and development laboratories on software design activities and on the development of innovative services for network design and engineering, automation and information security.

The offices of the new site in Palermo will be designed taking into account the typical needs of the software house and will provide functional spaces designed for teamwork and collaboration. The overall space will be reduced given the lower daily flow of people due to the fact that the company offers the possibility of hybrid working modes. As part of the plan to modernize its headquarters, at the beginning of 2022, Italtel moved the headquarters and all staff of the historic site of Settimo Milanese to the new headquarters of Caldera Park, in Milan.

The transfer of the Sicilian hub is part of the modernization plan of our Italian offices that we have started with the aim of improving the quality of the working environments in more modern and functional locations and achieving an important cost efficiency of management and energy consumption in an eco-friendly perspective, commented Benedetto Di Salvo, CEO of Italtel. Palermo remains an important hub for us because its Research and Development laboratories carry out key software development and system integration activities also in collaboration with the academic world“.

Our commitment is to keep active the spaces that have already hosted different companies and production companies. But as is known, the site has been idle for over 20 years and needs investment and new projects. We are evaluating different opportunities, and among the hypotheses to reconvert the area currently not operational and the one that until now has hosted Italtel in a logistics and production hub focused on telecommunications and sustainable mobility“, reported Gaetano Buglisi, Chairman of Hightel Towers.

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